Rock Salt for De-icing

We like to introduce Orange Trading B.V. Orange Trading is a Dutch based firm and licensed to export white and brown de-icing salt straight from our SIWA mine to all customers worldwide. We are a proud that Orange Trading B.V is member of Naval Agents – group.

Our salt meets BS: 324:1991 so it is ready to use everywhere you want.
We offer the highest service level to meet your requirements at a very competitive price.

We promise fast delivery, whenever you need.

The raw salt we mine in Siwa was deposited a very long time ago as a result of seawater evaporation. This layer of salt has been neglected for many years until we started to deal with it.

The salt is covered by a thin layer of sand and by using a crawler excavator; we remove that thin layer of sand and get to the salt. This layer of salt extends from 3 meters in thickness to more than 6 meters in thickness in some areas. The extracted salt mainly comes white in appearance and we also use the excavators to wash the salt in its brine water to get the Salt white.

The main chemical component of our salt is sodium chloride (NaCl ) which range between 98% NaCl to 99% NaCl, depending on the specified produce required.
The maximum moisture for this salt is about 0.3% which is unique to this region.

Orange Trading B.V.​

Scheepmakersstraat 1, 2515 VA, Den Haag, The Netherlands.​

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